Frequently Asked Questions


The net can be installed on most windows, balconies, terraces, and staircases. If the terrace is not covered, the netting system can be attached to an aluminum frame. The net cannot be installed only when there are no adjacent surfaces to which you can attach anchor strips or the aluminum frame.
Yes, if the walls you are attaching the anchor strips to are not in good condition or if the frame needs to be installed, it is maybe wise to get the expert / professional safety net person as it requires good finishing & look and feel from external appearance.
Yes, the anchor strips can be attached to the railing using plastic bindings.
Yes. The net is taken off the anchor strips and the strips (and the screws) are then removed.

Importance of Safety nets

The Nani Safety / protective net is used to protect children from falling from falling from terrace, balcony or through an open window, down the stairs or from a gallery. The net also gives those who are afraid of heights a sense of security. In addition, it protects pets from falling while keeping pigeons and other birds away. It also keeps children from throwing toys and other objects through an open window or from the terrace.
Quality Materials with Good tension of the material will ensure the safety & will do trail strength test after installation
Our Safety nets is made out of nylon.
Our Safety net has been certified for the following radial resistance: min. 140kg/m2 for monofilament net.